I’m a stylish lesbian, how about we tinder women just like me?

I’m a stylish lesbian, how about we tinder women just like me?

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If you aren’t effective searching for what you would like on tinder, appear elsewhere.

And yes, overlook the idiot.

A number of details. Why is this in community forum video games? Next, the 3rd photo was shady:

1) It appears as if you need armpit hair.

2) The caption are “i really like women in a feminist method”.

“Really don’t feel like present”

Definitely not something you should place in a bio, doesn’t seem attractive, and I wouldn’t wanna big date someone that had this type of negative fuel.

You are attractive dw, maybe you just dont have a lot of complementes due to your interests?

Oh which is good because I became covertly heartbroken

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