Directory of the person you can supply on the Altruist cult!

Directory of the person you can supply on the Altruist cult!

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Preamble 1: You can merely make use of Trevor to provide individuals the cult. As Trevor, you should definitely delivering someone, it is possible to slip onto the cult’s compound and choose guns, wellness, armor and a briefcase of cash (unless it is missing!) You’ll be able to create 4 men and women to the cult and also to capture your solution for the camp, rather.

Preamble 2: Some people bring special rewards invest the all of them in which you wish go versus eating these to the cult. Choose which you need. I placed a * adjacent to the your better off as cult-food

Castro The golfer that’s kicked out-by his girlfriend/wife in Vinewood Hills.Alternate advantage: $80 and then he could be a (hard) golfing companion once you bring tennis.

Drunk guy* The dude with his friend outside of the cafe near the helipads.Alternate advantage: $80

Inebriated few It really is this lady birthday celebration and additionally they want a journey, within car, through the Chinese eatery in Sandy coasts to a motel. They begin sex in the back of the auto, which makes it swerve somewhat.Alternate advantage: $80But, should you decide supply them to the cult I’m not sure if you get $1000 or $2000 for any pair.

Actress* she is hidden from the paparazzi in the downtown area Vine wood switch advantage: $750

Packie McReary clean from Liberty area, Packie demands a getaway motorist from the shop he robbed in Southern Los Santos. Take pleasure in the 2-star desired level.Alternate prize: $1000 and then he can be an effective staff user

Ursula The C-R-A-Z-Y woman utilizing the red backpack you pick right up across the Northwest part of the Alamo water (not definately not the cult)Alternate benefit: Boost in driving capabilities and she becomes a booty necessitate Trevor. (more…)